Find Your Passion

We’ve identified 26 projects primed to make a difference for our patients — all they need is YOU to become a reality. Find a project that stirs your heart and rally your cause.

Looking for Woodward or Ponca City passions? Check back next year to see what exciting projects are in store!

Arcadia Trails

Recovery Housing

Provides temporary housing at Arcadia Trails to patients finishing inpatient treatment, allowing them to maintain a stable living environment while transitioning to outpatient services and returning to their normal life.

Annual Impact:

30 Patients


Patient Refrigerations

Burn patients have long stays and dietary requirements that are different from most patients. In-room mini fridges would provide patients easy access to protein-rich foods that help them heal successfully.

Annual Impact:

50 Patients


Lodging Assistance for Cancer Patients

Provides hotel stays to patients who travel more than 50 miles to access treatment, reducing barriers to care and providing a peaceful respite following treatment.

Annual Impact:

150 Patients

Care Coordination

Healthy Living & Reduced Suffering

Funds will help high-need patients focus on healing by providing financial assistance for utility bills, housing costs and more.

Annual Impact:

100+ Patients

Child Life

Interactive Play Experiences

Children who visit the hospital, either as patients or children of adult patients, lack a space where they can play and have fun. With new devices in waiting rooms, like projectors and touchscreen displays, children can have a space to just be kids for a while.

Annual Impact:

20,000+ Patients

Children’s Place

Playground Canopies

Provide shade from the extreme Oklahoma heat by installing shade canopies over the playground area, ensuring kids can play throughout the summer.

Annual Impact:

500 Kids


EKG Machine

In emergency situations, minutes matter and an EKG machine can immediately assess how the heart is functioning and quickly inform treatment, putting patients back on track to living a healthier life.

Annual Impact:

10,000 Patients


Grief Groceries

A gift of groceries and basic household supplies for a family who has just lost a loved one provides comfort and care, giving them one less thing to think about as they grieve their loss.

Annual Impact:

Hundreds of Patients


Emergency Department Upgrade

Refresh the ED waiting room, improving flow and functionality for caregivers. New workstations will promote less physical stress, a better work environment and safety for all.

Annual Impact:

15,000+ Patients


Cardiac Rehab System Upgrade

Provide advanced monitoring systems for cardiac rehabilitation patients at IHSMC. Improved monitoring of heart rhythm, blood pressure and more in a supervised exercise environment reduces the chance patients face further complications and improve wellbeing.

Annual Impact:

9,000+ Patients

Heart – Special Project

Dr. Mel Clark Patient Access Fund

Honor Dr. Mel Clark’s career as a distinguished cardiac physician by contributing to this special project providing vital access to heart care for patients who could not otherwise afford it.

Annual Impact:

Generations of Oklahomans


Memorial Funding Assistance

Help grieving families avoid the stress and anxiety of financial burdens by assisting with basic memorial services for those who do not qualify for other resources.

Annual Impact:

50 Families

INTEGRIS Health Medical Group

Hand Scanners

Reduce the need for time intensive peer checking with each medication administration by providing hand scanners to accurately record the right medicine, to the right patient, at the right time.

Annual Impact:

Thousands of Patients

Mental Health

Celebration Fund

Create lasting, positive childhood memories for Spencer and Meadowlake patients with a fund for special activities during holidays, birthday celebrations, and spring, summer and fall breaks.

Annual Impact:

1,100 Patients


3D Mammography & Room Refresh

The advanced technology of 3D mammography will increase access to early detection in Miami. This project includes mammography equipment and the necessary room renovations.

Annual Impact:

Thousands of Patients


In-House Transport Isolette

The addition of a second transport isolette allows babies to be safely transported to and from the NICU for tests and procedures, without having to delay treatment due to wait times.

Annual Impact:

500 Patients


Go Chairs

Promote independence for mobility-challenged patients with a joystick-controlled scooter that is lightweight and portable.

Annual Impact:

15+ Patients


Nitrous Oxide for Intrapartum Patients

Support new mothers by providing nitrous oxide treatment – a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to existing options during the labor, delivery and recovery phase of care.

Annual Impact:

Hundreds of New Mothers Across the State

Pastoral Care

Care Baskets & Continuing Education

Care baskets provide snacks and other comfort items to families with loved ones on comfort care measures. Continuing education ensures that our caregivers provide the best level of care possible.

Annual Impact:

1,500 Patients


Treatment Room Refresh

Give new life to a room where "scary" procedures can happen away from a pediatric patient's room. A new kid-friendly treatment table, wall art and more will make a patient's experience as comfortable as possible.

Annual Impact:

5,000 Patients

Portland Avenue

ICU Recliners

Sitting in a chair rather than lying in a bed can contribute to a patient’s physical strength and improve lung function. New recliners also give visitors a comfortable place to relax while caring for their loved one.

Annual Impact:

1,200 Patients

Project YOU&I

Community Clinics

Support access to free, comprehensive medical care for our community’s most vulnerable population through chronic disease care, diabetes classes, physical, occupational and speech therapy, vision care, and pharmacy services at Olivet and Little Flower Clinics.

Annual Impact:

2,000+ Patients


Have a Seat!

Give some new life and more independence to rehab patients by promoting safe, out-of-bed sitting for eating, visiting with family and therapy with new recliners for patient rooms.

Annual Impact:

200+ Patients

Stanley Hupfeld Academy

Building on a Great Foundation

Remove and replace old carpet in classrooms to promote a safer and healthier learning environment for students.

Annual Impact:

330 Students


Therapy Equipment

Provide a range of equipment, like hemiplegic wheelchairs and mirror boxes, to enhance physical and occupational therapy for stroke patients, enabling a quicker recovery and improved quality of life.

Annual Impact:

800 Patients


Post-Transplant Assistance Fund

Provide vital support to post-transplant patients with medications, travel for follow-up and lab testing for financially strained patients.

Annual Impact:

35+ Patients


EKG Machine

In emergencies, every second counts. An EKG machine informs treatment fast by quickly assessing heart function, allowing patients to get back to a healthy life as soon as possible.

Annual Impact:

10,000 Patients

Give to Your Passion

Note on Passion Project Funding:

Any excess funds raised exceeding the project scope stated above will be retained and designated for additional programmatic or entity-related needs tied to your selected passion area.

YOU&I is the employee-led annual giving campaign for INTEGRIS Health and is powered by the INTEGRIS Health Foundation. For questions, contact us at 405-951-5005 or