Find Your Passion

We’ve identified 26 projects primed to make a difference for our patients — all they need is YOU to become a reality. Find a project that stirs your heart and rally your cause.

Arcadia Trails

Patient Assistance Fund

Provide financial assistance for patients seeking addiction recovery after their resources are exhausted.

Annual Impact:

Generations of Oklahomans


Gaming Carts for Hand Therapy

Hand burns can cause long-term pain, loss of function and permanent scarring. Specialized therapy is essential, and the addition of gaming consoles ensure a fun, engaging way for patients to limit complications and heal.

Annual Impact:

15+ Patients


CanServe - Third Course

The third iteration of an impactful project! Provide a week’s worth of meals to cancer patients who are beginning treatment. You'll help to eliminate stress and provide the best form of comfort – food.

Annual Impact:

300+ Patients

Care Coordination

Medication & Equipment

Provides care to underserved patient populations by providing food boxes, hydration packs, and clothes, plus assisting with paying for medication, home health equipment, transportation and other vital needs critical to living a healthier life.

Annual Impact:

120+ Patients

Child Life

Compassionate Creations

Help create positive memories between pediatric patients and their families in the NICU and PICU and children of adult patients in the ICU with keepsakes, milestone projects and more.

Annual Impact:

3,000+ Patients

Children’s Place

Playground Safety Enhancements

Create a safer, more developmentally appropriate outdoor play space for children by replacing broken equipment, providing new ground materials and adding in more shade.

Annual Impact:

500 Kids


Portable Ultrasound Machine

With more than 150 bedside procedures happening each year, making sure patients are safe and comfortable is top priority. The addition of a portable ultrasound machine means increased patient safety and more engaged caregivers by cutting down on time to locate equipment.

Annual Impact:

150 Patients


Meadowlake Pavilion

Give some much-needed shade to the pediatric patients at INTEGRIS Health Meadowlake so they can run, play and get exercise outside to promote recovery.

Annual Impact:

1,000 Pediatric Patients


The Art of Healing

Update hospital artwork with pieces to promote wellness and create a caregiver, patient and visitor experience that inspires confidence, comfort and healing.

Annual Impact:

Countless Individuals


Point-of-Care IV Imaging

Provides two devices that enable caregivers to place IVs on patients at the point-of-service without needing other equipment or teams – increasing the speed at which lifesaving medications, blood products and fluids can be given.

Annual Impact:

200+ Patients


Memorial Funding

Help grieving families avoid the stress and anxiety of financial burdens by creating an endowment fund that would meet the needs of families who cannot afford basic cremation services.

Annual Impact:

50 Families


Improving Confidence in Kids

Support the mental health of our youngest patients by providing children and families with books that improve confidence and self-esteem. You’ll help ensure kids are ready to face every challenge they encounter.

Annual Impact:

10,000 Children

Mental Health

Imagination Walls

Provide dry-erase imagination walls for the Meadowlake and Spencer facilities. These patterned walls allow for collaborative and interactive play in a community setting that promotes relationship development, adaptive coping skills and self-expression.

Annual Impact:

1,500+ Patients


Modern Dining Amenities

Create a more inviting dining experience for caregivers, patients and visitors with cosmetic improvements, refreshed furniture and other modern upgrades, such as charging ports and flat-screen TVs.

Annual Impact:

Countless Individuals


Kangaroo Chairs

Provide new chairs to increase a family’s comfort, support skin-to-skin care with the baby and allow families to spend as much time at the bedside as possible.

Annual Impact:

600+ Tiniest Patients


Activity of Daily Life Aides

Enhance everyday life and increase independence for patients with reduced mobility by providing items such as cushions, transfer chairs and backpack clips for power chairs.

Annual Impact:

50+ Patients


Facial Recognition Cameras

Provide facial recognition software and specialized cameras to promote safety by allowing our security teams to quickly identify threatening people and intervene as needed.

Annual Impact:

Every Patient & Caregiver

Pastoral Care

Bereavement Baskets

Give the gift of time to a family saying goodbye to a loved one. Bereavement baskets provide snacks and other items families need at the bedside, plus resources to make keepsakes and record special memories with their family member.

Annual Impact:

700+ Families


Glider Rockers/Recliners

Provide chairs that help make families feel more comfortable and spend more time at the bedside. The addition of this special furniture creates a sense of home for our smallest patients and their families.

Annual Impact:

2,500+ Patients & Families

Portland Avenue

Portable Ultrasound System

Fewer needle sticks mean more comfort and confidence for a patient. This machine helps a caregiver identify the best location for an IV before sticking a patient.

Annual Impact:

1,000+ Patients

Project: YOU&I

Caregiver Emergency Relief Fund

Provides financial assistance grants to INTEGRIS Health Caregivers who have suffered tremendous personal losses or other critical emergencies.

Annual Impact:

Hundreds of Caregivers Annually


Augmentative Communication Devices & Crash Cart

Patients with injuries from stroke, cancer and other illnesses, plus those with artificial airways and hearing impairments, often have trouble communicating with their caregivers. This project will provide high-tech communication devices for patients before they get their own device.

Annual Impact:

250+ Patients

Stanley Hupfeld Academy

Building a Healthier School Community & Life-Long Readers

Take care of the mind and body with a book vending machine for kids to use when they receive a token for good behavior. Rejuvenate the aging playground and basketball/tennis court by resurfacing and installing new equipment and benches around the track.

Annual Impact:

365 Students & Teachers


Education & Aftercare

Hypertension is a leading cause of strokes, yet many stroke patients don’t own or have access to a blood pressure cuff. This project will provide patients with free monitoring equipment and a tote bag with the common phrase for spotting a stroke, “BEFAST” – balance, eyes, face, arm, speech, time to call 911.

Annual Impact:

2,500 Patients


Lodging for Transplant Patients & Families

Patients and families often have long lengths of stay and/or repeated visits throughout the transplant process. This project provides lodging and reduces the financial burden on patients and their families.

Annual Impact:

150 Patients


Comfortable Recliners in Patient Rooms

Providing patients an option to sit somewhere other than their bed can increase satisfaction and promote the recovery process. Patients who have difficultly eating or breathing will also benefit from an additional seating area. For families and visitors, a spot to relax and get comfortable is priceless.

Annual Impact:

3,650+ Patients

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Note on Passion Project Funding:

Any excess funds raised exceeding the project scope stated above will be retained and designated for additional programmatic or entity-related needs tied to your selected passion area.

YOU&I is the annual giving campaign for INTEGRIS Health and is powered by the INTEGRIS Health Foundation. For questions, contact us at 405.951.5005 or