Welcome Ambassadors.

You’re amazing. Thanks for joining us.

Here's how you can contribute to the YOU&I Campaign and rally your passion in 6 steps:

  1. Make a meaningful gift to YOU&I and share your passion story with others!

  2. Promote the campaign to your group in a fun way! Invite Foundation staff to share a brief YOU&I pitch.

  3. Personally deliver a YOU&I brochure to every person in your department! Watch for a special YOU&I envelope with these inside.

  4. Pick up T-shirts and badge reels for donors in your department!

  5. Rally the campaign! Wear your YOU&I T-shirt and badge reel, share updates at your huddles and team meetings often during the campaign, etc.

  6. Celebrate alongside your donors — think of an easy and meaningful way to say thanks!

Watch this short YOU&I Ambassador training video!

Thank you for your involvement in YOU&I! Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Have a general YOU&I Question?
INTEGRIS Health Foundation

For T-shirts, Badge Reels, Booths, Campaign Info or Ambassadors
Trevor Davis
Annual Giving Officer
INTEGRIS Health Foundation
405-317-5688 (text/call)

Ambassador Training PDF

View the 2024 YOU&I Slideshow and Ambassador Training PDF
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YOU&I 2023 Brochure

View and Print the 2024 Campaign Brochure. Includes a pledge card as well.
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Pitch Deck

View the 2024 YOU&I Pitch Deck
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YOU&I is the employee-led annual giving campaign for INTEGRIS Health and is powered by the INTEGRIS Health Foundation. For questions, contact us at 405-951-5005 or giving@integrishealth.org.