Welcome Ambassadors.

You’re amazing. Thanks for joining us.

Being a YOU&I Ambassador for your department is simple. Here’s how you can serve the campaign and rally your passion in 6 steps:

  1. Make a meaningful gift to YOU&I - and share your passion story with others!

  2. Launch the campaign to your department/group in a fun way.

  3. Personally deliver YOU&I brochures and pledge cards to every person in your department and invite them to join you.

  4. Pick up YOU&I T-shirts and badge reels for donors in your department.

  5. Rally the campaign (wear your YOU&I T-shirt and badge reel, and share updates at your huddles and team meetings often during the campaign)

  6. Celebrate alongside your donors! (Think of an easy and meaningful way to share your gratitude to those who participated alongside you.)

Have a YOU&I Question?

Campaign Leadership, Fund Champions
Bailey Smith
405.694.5570 (text/call)

For T-shirts, Badge Reels, Booths, Campaign Office or Ambassadors
Trevor Davis
405.317.5688 (text/call)

Making a YOU&I Gift, Online Giving Page
Haley Legate

Ambassador Training PDF

View the 2023 YOU&I Slideshow and Ambassador Training PDF
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YOU&I 2023 Brochure

View and Print the 2023 Campaign Brochure. Includes a pledge card as well.
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Pitch Deck

View the 2023 YOU&I Pitch Deck
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YOU&I is the annual giving campaign for INTEGRIS Health and is powered by the INTEGRIS Health Foundation. For questions, contact us at 405.951.5005 or giving@integrisok.com.